My 62 R27 came to me with only 6000 miles on it. Original paint and untouched mechanically. I drive it daily until snow flies. With swing-arm rear suspension it is a very civilized, gentlemans' ride. Other than changing the oil and adjusting valves, all I need to do is put gas it up and go.
BMW offered these 250cc singles up to ca 1967. Same frame and gearbox as the twins so it is arguably under-powered but top gear was designed for the Autobahn and it keeps up with expressway traffic....just takes a while to get up to speed ! My only upgrade is LED lighting.


My BMW 1951 R51/3 twin, plunger frame is reliable and a joy to ride. BMW's first "modern" bike with true auto advance timing. Still fitted with a magneto for the spark and a generator for lights.
Other than adding bar end blinkers and a brake light, I have left it original. It was restored in Holland in 2000 then immigrated to Canada. Will cruise all day on the expressway if needs be.
The throttle twist grip has a grease nipple on it...something one does not often see. Low compression engine is a breeze to kick over.


1951 Norton ES2; Spent first 25 years in Devon and Cornwall. Last plated in 1976 and sat in storage in Michigan until I foolishly bought it.
Love this bike and use it as a daily rider. Recent improvements include overhauled mag/dyno, new piston, valves, new sprockets throughout, wiring harness, and gearbox rebuild. All kept as "original" as possible.