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    Ray Boorman

    Bengt Sormon, recently posted details about his experience using a bike transport service. I’ve used the same service and was quite pleased. I’m posting Bengt’s email. Without his address of course. We all at times need this service

    Greetings all –
    I made use of a motorcycle transportation service today to move my old Bonnie from my house to the work shop in the west end with an absolutely minimum of hassles and an effort. One phone call and the guy showed up with a Ford F150 pick up with a bed that was lowered to the ground and then it was just a simple matter to roll the bike onto the bed , secure it and then raise it onto the truck. No need to rent a trailer, ask friends for use of a pick up, use of a plank ramp, etc. The cost from North Toronto to Mimico was $ 150.00 which for me was perfectly acceptable. The company is Emergency Motorcycle Services operated by Jason Green a very agreeable fellow. He can be reached at 416-898-2366 or e-mail
    Thought you would like to know


    Ray Boorman

    Another way to move a bike a small distance if you are a CAA member is to get it towed. Usually there is a 200k limit and remember you only get so many tows a year….


    Dorien Berteletti

    True….but it must be currently licensed. I got an unlicensed car towed once but only thanks to a $50 bill I offered the driver. LOL



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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